10 Reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding

Louisville makeup artist Jennifer Lee Johnson providing the final touchups on bride in an elevator

Jen putting the final touch ups on a bride.

Wedding planning can be stressful and expensive! It’s no surprise that brides second guess hiring a professional makeup artist on their wedding day. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Perfection: You want the “wow” factor, right? Most brides spend a lot of time and money buying a dress. Do you trust yourself to manage your makeup that day? Hiring a professional means you get to consult one-on-one with an artist who will create a look that is perfectly tailored for you. 
  2. Convenience: Having a professional makeup artist come to your hotel room reduces stress and provides a convenient way for you and your party to get ready. The peace of mind knowing that everyone is getting ready in a central location is priceless. 
  3. Fun! Girls love getting ready for a big event. It can be quite the bonding experience for everyone and hiring a professional adds to the ease of the atmosphere. Your bridesmaids will love the attention and pampering and the Mothers will love being a part of the girly excitement!
  4. Cost: Do you want to spend a hefty amount of cash on a bunch of makeup that you will likely use once? When you hire a professional makeup artist you are also renting their entire kit of premium tools and products. Do you really want to buy an airbrush and air compressor? A makeup artist has thought of everything and at the end of the day you will be glad to have their kit at your disposal.
  5. Time: A really good makeup artist will keep a party on schedule. Getting ready can be chaotic, especially when there are a bunch of girls running around worrying about their hair and makeup. A professional will ease things by creating a timeline and sticking to a schedule; ultimately getting you to the ceremony on time!
  6. Technical skill: Do you really know how to do a proper makeup application? Do you understand color theory? Have you mastered putting on false eyelashes? Do you have a steady hand? A professional makeup artist trains extensively and can handle every detail.
  7. Better products: Professional makeup artists use products that are of a higher quality and longevity. In fact, there are brands professionals use that you probably never heard of! Thousands of photos will be taken of you that day, don’t you want your makeup to last?
  8. Photography: Photography makeup is different than everyday makeup! You want your features to stand up to the camera, flash, and big white dress yet still look natural when grandma comes close for a kiss. In other words, a professional knows how to apply makeup that is both camera ready and beautiful in person. Your pictures are the only souvenir from the wedding day so you might as well look good!
  9. An advocate: A great makeup artist is also someone you can talk to; an “outsider” who is quietly by your side offering you strength through a time of chaos. A professional makeup artist can keep things calm and be a buffer between you and that one “crazy” wedding attendant.
  10. Luxury: It feels amazing to have your makeup done professionally. Who doesn’t want to feel special on their wedding day? A good makeup artist will boost your confidence and make you feel good about being the center of attention.

If you decide that you are the DIY type, consider hiring a professional artist to teach you a lesson about how to apply the makeup and what makeup you should buy. Professional makeup artists usually offer hourly lessons that are tailored to each person’s needs.

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How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

If you battle dark circles under your eyes, you know that it’s hard to cover up. Unfortunately dark circles under your eyes aren’t flattering and break down your self confidence if not covered up. 


How to grow out your eyebrows painlessly!

Brows define the face. In fact, a good brow can make a face look great without makeup. I am totally guilty of over plucking my eyebrows. I have been doing it wrong since high school. It all started my freshman year: I got my brows waxed for the first time and I looked AMAZING! Unfortunately I thought I could keep up with the look by myself and started to tweeze the stray hairs as they grew in. BIG MISTAKE! It took me 25 years to realize that eyebrows are “sisters”, not “twins”.

What do you do about it? We all know that to stop tweezing those itty bitty stray hairs are easier said than done. I don’t know anyone that can stand the feeling of that one hair out of place. Personal restraint from pulling that little hair screaming at you is like dieting during the holidays. It’s torture.

Here’s my tried-and-true method for dealing with the awful phase of re-populating those precious little hairs:

  1. STOP TWEEZING! At all cost. Don’t do it. This is your intervention.eyebrow safety razor
  2. Use a safety razor meant for small areas on the face (see picture). This is the holy grail of growing out your eyebrows! Use the razor to closely cut the little stubbly hairs that are desperately trying to gain real estate on your brows. Be gentle, go slow. Wet the area you intend to shave with water and a little facial lotion. You don’t want to give yourself razor burn. Be careful not to accidentally shave the hairs that are already long and happily living in the right place. With this technique you will have smooth skin with no visible stubble for nearly 24 hours. YOU CAN DO THIS EVERY DAY until you have populated enough hairs in your little eyebrow farm.Anastasia clear brow gel
  3. When you are ready to see the fruits of your labor, let those little sprouts GROW! Within two weeks you will have hair
    long enough to fill in with a eyebrow pencil and powder. I promise, you will feel human again. With an angled brush, use a brow powder to create the shape and an eyebrow pencil to build wax on the hairs that create volume.
  4. Brush the hairs and use an eyebrow gel to hold the brows in place. I love Anastasia brow gel. It’s very sticky yet doesn’t coagulate like glue. At $22.00 it’s worth every penny, I promise.

The most important thing is to remain patient as your hairs grow out. They will grow out weird, but will eventually straighten themselves out. If you must remove the hairs that seem to grow on your eyelids, go ahead, pluck away. For the fine and fuzzy hairs that come in LEAVE THEM BE! If you must shape your brows use your safety razor. At least your eyebrows will still be there and you won’t be consistently damaging each of your hair follicles. And while they are goofy, you can at least count on brow gels and makeup to support your endeavor until they grow out in the correct direction. Expect your hairs to be back to their fullness and normal shape within a year. Then find yourself a proper eyebrow artist to maintain a crisp shape because you probably cannot be trusted to be your own “hair maintenance manager” from now on! Good luck!

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Choosing the right shade of lip color

hot pink lip poutA full pout is a sign of youth and a hallmark of beauty. Unfortunately, as we age our lips loose some of their color and definition. Therefore, choosing the right shade of lip color is a great way to alter a face as well as highlight your beautiful smile!

For an everyday use, choose a lip color that enhances the natural shade of your nude lip. A great trick is to pick a hue two shades darker than your inner cheek. You will find that the color naturally mimics the color found in your lip. You’ll know the shade is right if you look good wearing it without any other makeup on!

Pale lips: Use pastel shades. Deep tones appear very dark on pale lips so apply with a light hand. Try beige, sandy pink, light coral, pale pink, and bright red!

Medium lips: Brown, rose, pink, orange, warm red look great on a medium lip.

Dark lips: Dark lips look best with a lip color that has a blue undertone. Dark lips also need to be very saturated in color. Pale shades look gray or ashy on dark lips so stick with the browns, deep red, plum, deep chocolate, deep raisin and berry lip colors.

Two-toned lips: Two-toned lips can be either dark with pink inside the lower lip or one lip darker and one lighter. To even out the lip tone you can:

  • Fill in lighter areas
  • Pale out darker areas

Use a sheer lipstick as the base on whichever area you wish to conceal and then apply other lip color.

Two-toned lips look best in chocolate, blackberry, deep plum, deep raisin, and deep red colors.

Hot tips:

  1. If you want just a wash of color, just use less and distribute it evenly.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix mediums such as a lipstick with a lip-gloss or a lip-gloss with an eyeshadow.
  3. Layering one sheer color over another sheer makes the lips appear fuller because the lips appear to have more depth and volume.
  4. When you are ready to try something more dramatic, a color with an undertone similar to your neutral/natural shade will be very flattering.
  5. Luckily makeup washes off so it is okay to make mistakes! Ultimately it doesn’t matter what lip color you choose, as long as you wear it with confidence and style!

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